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The Phoenix Teachings Newsletter

Special Edition Announcement

January 2023

If you are interested in regular postings Follow on IG: @FaizHealing or FB: Faiz Healing

Thankyou for your interest in The Phoenix Teachings and Faiz Healing Offerings!

At this time I have decided to direct most of my energy and focus to my Mystic Musings Blog on the sister site

"Mystic Musings" includes Healing Mantras, Poetry, Empowering Meditations, and contemplation on alchemical living to improve holistic intention and life fulfillment. Don't forget to peruse the Visionary Painting and Nature Photography Collections there as well!

Feel Free to Check Out the other Phoenix Teachings Newsletters for lifestyle and health topics as well as Self-Care Tips for at home use. We will return from time to time to add New Phoenix Teachings in the future!

May Jubilation and Powerful Revelry fill your 2023 Experience!!

It is an honor to be in service as a guide and facilitator for you.


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