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Qi Gong & Yoga

Ancient practices of body movement that focus on tendon and meridian stretching bring one’s awareness to the sensations of their physical form, intentionally. “Movement Meditation” and strengthening poses empower the essence of one’s being, calming the heart and mind, and direct the energy within to move stagnation.  These practices are integrative, preventative, and healing in the context of physical and mental wellness. We all need decompression from the stresses of our routines. Qi Gong, Yoga, and other body movement practices are essential for those seeking wholeness, restoration, and balance. Various movements, poses, or sequences may be offered after a treatment session. Private appointments focused only on form and body movement instruction for home care routines are available.

Qi Gong

    Qi Gong practices historically date back to 2896 BCE China and were formalized in martial arts training to build the “qi” or “vitality” of a warrior. Cultivation as a meditative practice for spiritual alchemy, physical, and mental longevity also evolved in Taoist tradition. Today there are many Qi Gong forms based in the lineages passed down through practice and philosophy. These forms are a series of movements designed to work together to strengthen and release, and to open or contain the “gates of vitality.” Singular movements that align with specific focus for an individual are also effective for intention, affirmation, physical decompression, and energetic clearing.




    Yoga is 4000 years old, dating back to Vedic times in India. The practice of Yoga has 3 primary branches of instruction throughout history. The asanas or poses activate lines of energy in the body, connective tissue networks, tendons, and ligaments. Certain poses are also beneficial for organ function and deep restoration of the mind and body systems. Yoga is an intentional focus of the mind and breath in body. Sequences are built around areas of weakness to strengthen musculoskeletal function and support, as well as, areas of spiritual energetic stagnation to release the physical form of trapped emotions or thought-forms that hinder sensation and vitality in the experience of embodiment. It is imperative in the practice of asanas that proper form and modifications of form be utilized to protect one from injury to the tendons and joints.

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