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Treatment Pricing

Please Note: Faiz accepts a variety of Personal Health Insurance Plans and Motor Vehicle Accidents. If you are interested in using insurance or have been in a recent car accident, please call the office directly for further information. The prices below are due at “time of service”.

Please note, that insurance fees and co-pays vary.

Holistic Health Background Consultation:

     90min Initial Intake (may include a short treatment): $145   

Please note All patients are required to fulfill the Initial Intake before pursuing other treatment offerings, including insurance patients.


All Other Treatments, Yoga/Movement Instruction, Holistic Humanistic Counsel, or Health Consults:  

    Follow up: 90 min: $115     1hour: $85.00       ½ hour: $50.00

Phone Consults and Counsel Available. Prices for time as above.

Please See The Phoenix Teachings Newsletter for Updates on

Infant Massage Training, Self-care Classes, Group Meditation,

Constellation Circles, and Transformational Workshops!

Gift Certificates are available to order online.

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