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Therapeutic Bodywork

Therapeutic Bodywork has brought health and regeneration to the health conscious for over 5000 yrs. These types of treatments may be incorporated into a well-rounded session following an initial intake and assessment. The benefits of intentional touch are utilized by specific techniques that aid in calming heart-rate and blood pressure, increasing circulation of blood and the immune system, releasing the body of physical and emotional toxins that create scar tissue. The build up of scar tissue inhibits the free flow of blood, oxygen, and vital energy the body, mind, and heart need to work at optimal potential. Harmonizing the entire bodily system in this manner allows for decreased physical, mental, and emotional stress, promoting a positive perspective of life.


Tuina & Myofascial Rehabilitation, are a compilation of ancient and modern biomedical techniques. It is a focused massage to one or two regions of the body in need of multi-level release injured by trauma or long standing compensation patterns in the body that contribute to chronic pain. These modalities incorporate passive and active stretches, vigorous to subtle movement of the body and tissues, and utilizes light to deep pressure. Rehabilitative massage is key for unbinding connective tissue and reducing trigger points, while retraining muscle function and tone. This technique indirectly affects the perception of the body by the brain, in order to restore harmony and communication in the musculoskeletal system.

Reflexology, formalized by Eunice Ingham, developed over thousands of years with massage and holistic bodywork.  Therapeutic massage is applied to the feet and hands in particular areas in order to affect organs and divisions throughout the human body.  Our hands and feet are the most utilized parts of the body with highly developed sensory cognition.  Reflexology is documented to have amazing healing affects on long-term illness and organ balancing. By breaking up deposited acids and toxins trapped in these complex structures the immune system may strengthen and increase the excretion of unwanted and unhealthy chemicals in the body.

Shiatsu & Acupressure  focuses on releasing tension and pain patterns in the body working a system of channels and points that run though out the body and correlate one part of the body to another. Acupressure of points along these channels is incorporated to access the inherent intelligence of the body as a harmonic system. How the circulation flows through these channels can greatly affect the communication of the body, heart, and mind. This technique is essential for releasing multiple layers of the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.


“Julie's work is incredibly subtle and transformative. To describe her deep tissue work- she doesn’t demand your body to relax - it is more akin to her asking and encouraging the body to give up it’s tension. It is so relaxing I often go on a mental walk about or even fall asleep. The next day it is clear that things have changed in all those “tight” places. I originally came to her because I had significantly limited movement in my left shoulder. I had tried other Massage Therapists, PT and exercises- all with limited results. After working with Julie I now have full range of motion. I continue to see her as we work through some life long patterns of tension and tight muscle groups. Treat yourself…. make an appointment.”    -Trina Connolly-Fairchild

"I received an incredible 9 month pregnancy (specialized) massage from Faiz Healing. I had been struggling with lower lumbar pain/radiculopathy for months throughout the pregnancy. Though I sought out chiropractic help previously, had received pregnancy massages from a different vendor in West Linn on a monthly basis, and did stretching daily - it wasn't until I got a massage from Julie that I finally received some wonderful long-lasting release. Julie did a thorough interview of my symptoms, history, daily physical activity, etc. to get a full picture of how I was feeling, what I was seeking in my massage, and what aspects of my lifestyle may be contributing to the problem. Though I had been expecting a generic massage to release some of these tight knots and radiating leg pain - she instead provided more focus on pressure points to methodically release the muscles, combined with targeted deep tissue work. I was amazed at how much more effective her technique was than previous massage therapists I've seen. For once I stood up and didn't have pain! She also provided good explanations for her approach, as well as stretches and positioning I could practice at home to continue good body work. The clinic was clean, welcoming, peaceful and serene.

Will definitely be going back!"   -Tracy C.

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