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Infant Massage Training

Every parent-child relationship is unique. The bonding experience of a parent to their newborn is a paramount time to exchange healthy touch and connection. Massaging your little one can help them prepare for life with many tools of awareness about affection, connection, vulnerability, security, and the integration of sensation. Infant Massage has also been shown to improve digestion, mental focus, coordination, balance, and pain relief.


            The origins of instruction for this course is based in the studies and foundational teachings of Vimala McClure, who heads the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM). If you are interested in private instruction or setting up a group class, please call to schedule.  


Stay tuned to our Newsletter for class announcements and pricing!

(Special modifications may be accommodated for infants with special needs or any other primary parent concerns for the health and wellness of their child.)


Group classes are traditionally planned for 4 weeks (1 Day per Week, 90 minutes per class) twice a year. Every parent group per infant will receive a complementary copy of Vimala McClure’s book “Infant Massage, a Handbook for Loving Parents.”

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