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Healing Mantra

Healing is a unique experience to each individual. The initiation and completion of healing is the intentional decision of the self to release the burden of inhibiting pain and fear. We each must take the responsibility in letting go in order to grow and give our bodies the nutrients needed to survive, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. A true healer may only channel the energy and prompt the self-correction of habitual patterns. This allows the one in need the liberation to define a personal choice. As a therapist, I meet clients on mutual ground. We work to build one’s self-confidence in manifesting an ultimate healing experience.


An Offering..

When in doubt or overwhelm the primary key to remember is “Just Breathe.” Breathing is the solid foundation to every body system and the peace of heart and mind. So, take a moment and consider how deep you are breathing. Attempt to take a full inhale for 7 counts and a full exhale for 10 counts. Repeat 5 times gradually, smoothly, not forcefully.

Assess how you feel.

Proper breathing mechanics are used in exercise, meditation, and during times of expected pain (ie. historically in minor surgery and for labor pains). The power of the breath is the power to give your body nourishment even when you feel without.

Try this breathing exercise once every hour you are awake or set aside time for a longer cycling of breaths (13-21)

1-2 times a day and notice after 1 week how you feel.

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