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What to Expect

Initial Intake Treatment and Consultation


Initial intake visits for all new patients include an in depth review of past and present health status for all body systems and an Acupuncture treatment. A secondary initial intake is recommended for patients with chronic physical ailments and includes a full Postural Assessment, Neurologic Exam, Cranialsacral System Assessment and a Bodywork treatment. The body system review and physical assessment is a key component of the initial assessment used to create the most effective treatment plans.


Patients who have primary complaints may expect to receive direct care for these concerns while also learning about options for treating secondary complaints. Patients with generalized complaints may expect to receive well rounded care that addresses the source those complaints are stemming from, according to Chinese Medical diagnosis and treatment.


Every treatment is unique and may include a combination of modalities the practitioner is trained to offer. Examples may include an Acupuncture and Herbal or Aromatherapy session, Acupuncture combined with Massage, or Acupuncture combined with Cranialsacral Therapy and Acutonics.* At the end of the initial intake patients leave with a self care plan at home and recommendation for further treatment type and frequency. Guided Visualization is also a common part of most treatments to help patients go within and cultivate mind-body awareness. Patients seeking instruction in home exercise, yoga, and/or healing practices will also leave with a plan of action and empowering tools for use beyond the treatment room.


Faiz Healing is dedicated to working with patients of all ages and health concerns. That is why Faiz offers a wide array of techniques. If Faiz cannot offer you what is needed to achieve efficient and successful treatment outcomes to treat your health concern, a referral to another specialized practitioner will be given without delay.

*Acutonics: Vibrational Balancing with Tuning Forks

Download Initial Intake Paperwork here


I've been to lots of bodyworkers, acupuncturists and holistic practitioners over the years. There are a few that stand out among them all. Jewls would be one. Her knowledge, skill and intuition are top-rated. The care I received extended beyond just a simple session. She can really help define a path towards increased well-being. She is also able to act on intuitive insights that can catalyze profound healing on multiple levels of awareness. I find this as a rare and exceptional skill.
When I went to her for my first session and related a chronic problem, she responded by working my body in a way that I was not accustomed to nor had experience with in prior sessions with other practitioners. To my pleasant surprise, the chronic issue had resolved itself without the extended treatments that were necessary in prior episodes. She is truly holistic in that she has multiple disciplines that inform her attention and focus much to a client's benefit. Highly recommended !!

-Kimo S.

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