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About Faiz Healing

For 20 years, Faiz Healing has offered a diverse form of healing and personal growth by creating a sanctuary for patients to focus inwardly on their body, mind, and spirit. Chinese Medicine, Therapeutic bodywork, Yoga and Qi Gong Instruction, Guided Visualization, Family Constellation, Embodiment Coaching, and Spiritual Guidance provide an invitation to relax and let go of the outside world and/or to work through deeper patterns of restraint held within. My mission as a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner and generator of Faiz Healing is to be of service to my patients needs, first and foremost, and to ensure the highest quality of care. If I am unable to offer the proper care a patient needs then I will refer them to those who are. My intent and focus as a practitioner is founded in creating greater awareness of one’s body, heart, and mind, in order to cultivate self-empowerment and skill when managing an injury or long term illness. I seek to educate patients about the multitude of complementary therapies available to meet their needs and help guide them to the proper resources for their own consideration. Take home exercises and lifestyle modifications are essential to harnessing one's practice of self-care and alchemical healing. I am devoted to providing the best therapeutic options for your health and peace of mind. I treat individuals and families for acute and chronic ailments and design treatment plans with the intention of holistic wellness.

Thank you, for your curiosity in the healing arts! I hope this information has brought you new knowledge and motivation for healing yourself and others.


                                        In Harmony,

                  Julie Hightman Dipl. OM, McAOM,LAc, LMT



Graduated from Alpha School of Massage in Jacksonville, FL  in 2004
Certified in Advanced Cranialsacral Therapy
& Somato-Emotional Release
with Upledger Institute 2003- 2008

Master's Diploma in Medicinal Aromatherapy, Western Herbal Materia Medica, and Holistic Health Consultation with Australasian College of Health Sciences 2004-2007
Certified in Holistic Humanistic Health Counseling 2005-2006

Masters Degree in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine October 2013

Fellowship in Functional NeuroRehabilitation June 2018

Certified Vinyasa and Rehabilitative Yoga Instructor October 2020

Licensed by National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork 2004
Licensed by Oregon Board of Massage 2006

Licensed by National Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine 2013

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