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Contemplative and Healing Literature

Julie Hightman began her journey as a Holistic Healthcare Professional in 2004. Her focus on volunteering and treating addiction, abused women, veterans returning from war, and hospice have brought her many stories and experiences as a witness and facilitator of healing. Her offerings as a writer and an artist are another essential outlet for the passion and creativity she seeks to share with the world.

Julie’s message to the world is always one of curiosity, cathartic surrender, self-refinement, and the practice of savoring gratitude.


“Why Birds Sing at Dawn” speaks to the heart and mind during times of loss, change, and death. Julie Hightman shares her personal journey as a witness, caregiver, empathic translator, and ceremonial leader over a period of nine years filled with many waves of death and life change.

Within these pages one discovers and refines contemplation on the alchemical power that death and change summon from the core of self-perception while inviting the reader to cultivate and honor transformation as a continual process throughout life.

“Why Birds Sing at Dawn” brings us closer to the mysterious essence of life and death. It reveals ways to reflect in and embrace the creative capacity we each carry to grow and manifest beyond the experiential grief of real or metaphorical death.  


This collection of contemplative essays unveils layers of awareness in the design of self-identity.

Julie Hightman explores how the context and foundation of behaviors, thoughts, and emotions affect the life we create and the perceptions of life experiences.

The many paths of life unveil opportunities for alchemical healing and re-alignment to the soul’s initiative for harmony and fulfillment. Each essay offers tools for empowering reflection, application, and the cultivation of intention that inspires one to practice integrity while honoring their personal journey for reconnection with the Authentic Self.

Many passages within are a supportive guide and reminder that life is a practice and that fulfillment is found in the creative potency of free will through the expansion of mindfulness.



The Seasons of Witnessing Collection brings art and poetry together for your mind to observe and wander through in moments of curiosity or the call for relaxation. Embrace the pleasure of nature and poetry to awaken the senses. Discover songs of spring that initiate your curiosity and the heart of summer that enlivens your passion within. Find the seeds of autumn that nourish and the whispers of winter that restore inspiration. This book is elemental art and poetry for the soul.

"As an artist and poetic philosopher I seek to reveal and define the sensational and cathartic discoveries in the soul of nature and the dance of spirit embodied. Words carry intention like mantras for healing and acknowledgments of this phenomenal world. My poetry invites the reader to connect, engage, and harness the alchemy in their own



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