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"The Phoenix Teachings Newsletter"

Summer 2021

Greetings from Faiz Healing!

Within the Phoenix Teachings Newsletter you will find our seasonal reflections and offerings for how to align with healthy choices and create support for self-care in the body, heart, and mind.

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General Health Update:

Happy Summer! I hope you are enjoying the abundance of colorful blossoms still blessing our vision and inspiration as we step into the busiest season of the year. Summer can be a time of increased outdoor labors and adventures pushing our bodies to stretch and move in more ways than the hibernation of winter and the gentle unfolding of spring. Exercise is an excellent part of life routines, no matter what season it is, but with increased demands of seasonal physical labor comes the greater need to help one’s body to adapt and decompress through a variety of approaches to movement.

Exercise and physical activity have been proven to provide the most essential support for your body organ functions, including vascular and brain health. With a consistent routine of resistance training for balance, cardiovascular activity for circulation, stamina, and elimination, and moderate weight training or core based exercises to support the endorphin flow of your endocrine system and alignment of your joints, you can get the most out of health for quality of life. Sounds like too much to fit into your schedule? It doesn’t have to be. You can vary your routine on a daily or weekly basis in set time slots or sporadic 5-10 minute gaps throughout a day.

Many studies suggest that getting a minimum of steps in per day will help bodily function and burn some calories but this hype has become to heavily relied upon as an excuse not to really exercise the way your body truly benefits most. Even if your daily job isn’t sitting behind a computer for 8 hours and involves more strenuous labor, intentional exercise that offsets and decompresses one’s body from primary routines of use and patterns of compensation will increase the integrative capacity of your body functions for holistic wellness. Designing a specific routine that supports the restoration of joint and muscle reflexes, tones the mind-body communication, and increases detoxification and elimination of general toxic build up in the lymphatic system from lifestyle routines, is essential.

Faiz Healing now offers one on one consultation and exercise for individual routines that work for your schedule and bodily needs. Focus in Yoga, Qi Gong, Aerobic movement, Facilitated stretching, and vestibular exercises to rehabilitate and restore balance or augment performance in athletic activities with attention to weaknesses and injuries allows a customized approach to complete routines or “as needed” exercises for relief and re-entrainment of involuntary compensation patterns. Call today to schedule an appointment and harness a new perspective on active approaches to your physical wellbeing!

Life Hacks:

#1 Regulating Elimination and Increasing Vitality

Nutritious Superfoods packed with fiber are a great addition to your every day for regulating elimination and increasing vitality. 1 Tbsp of fresh ground Flax seed or Chia seed (mixed in liquid, cereal, or oatmeal) has been shown to help promote healthy bowel movements in a variety of bowel complaints including constipation and diarrhea. These fiber healthy foods also have nutritious oils and vitamins that help soothe an inflamed gut, restore moisture levels, and balance pH while also stimulating normal peristalsis (gut motility). The power packed vitamins act as precursors for generating energy to increase vitality in the body systems and supporting proper biochemical communication that allows higher functioning capacity and endurance. Take the opportunity to feel the balanced flow of proper elimination and the secondary effects of a cleaner, more resilient system in the body, mind, and emotional being.

Note: It is not uncommon to feel a small amount of gas and bloating the first week of introducing the ground seeds into your diet as the body adapts to the digestion and cleansing effect of the foods.

#2 The 21 Day Dedication for Normalizing New Habits!

Want to incorporate a new healthy habit or hobby into your routine but can’t seem to find the consistent motivation to follow through? Make a 21 day plan to incorporate the new habit or an intentional time to engage with your new hobby of choice for a minimum of 5 minutes a day. The longer you can dedicate, the better, but some new habits only take a few moments of intentional attention to lock into your routine, such as breathing exercises, mantra repetitions, physical exercises, etc. If it’s a hobby and it takes a lot to get it started, consider what you can do each day as a building process toward fulfilling the hobby, such as research, ordering supplies, assembling the space to perform the hobby, and actually working on small skill sets associated with the hobby as the days progress. Make time in your schedule as a priority just as you do with many other things. You can set alerts on your phone or computer to motivate you to shift gears and shift back to whatever the next task is in your routine. Do it for you! Re-associate your awareness of time fulfillment and feel the esteem of accomplishing that long standing request to incorporate new healthy habits and hobbies.

Self-Care at Home:

Exercises for Balance and Coordination

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