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“The Phoenix Teachings Newsletter”

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Winter 2020-2021

Greetings from Faiz Healing!

Within the Phoenix Teachings Newsletter you will find our seasonal reflections and offerings for how to align with healthy choices and create support for self-care in the body, heart, and mind.

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General Health Update:

“The Power of Antioxidants”

What are antioxidants you ask? Antioxidants are key nutritional components of plant based foods that act as enzymes to break down free radicals or toxins absorbed or produced by the body on a daily basis. Antioxidants also provide energy to the bodies cells enhancing their functions in order to keep the body operating at optimal capacity. Fresh plant based foods are the mot potent source of these vitalizing and protective allies. Vegetables and fruits are an essential part of keeping your health and restoring your health. When the body has less acidic byproducts from heavy meats and carbohydrates it is more alkaline and oxygenated. This state of alkalinity primes the bodies defenses and creates the environment required to produce more energy than the energy it loses when constantly managing toxins and low grade daily inflammation that is responsible for the pace that cells age.

If you’re looking for your own personal superpower, then antioxidants are your secret mojo. The goal is to eat as many colors of the light spectrum as possible. Dark leafy greens, deep reds, and violets are especially powerful detoxifiers and cell rejuvenators. Bright orange, yellow, and red are immune enhancing and effective microvascular nourishment. These brain activating foods and herbs really help do the work for your body the more balanced they are in your daily regimen. This way your body can focus more on utilizing itself for your activities in life and less on damage control from the build up of body stresses.

Faiz Healing Power Plant Food Favorites include Kale, Spinach, Mixed Salad Greens, Heirloom Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Winter Squash, Purple Grapes, Cherries, and Oranges.

Life Hacks:

#1 Winter Restoration and Vitality SuperStar

In the cold days of winter, it is common to feel a slowing of our bodies and minds in response to the seasonal impressions. Now is a time in nature that exhibits going within for deep restoration and reflection at our rooted core and consideration of how we seek to grow and revive when spring returns. If you are feeling more sluggish, unmotivated, less focused, or slow to healing injuries, Bone Broth is an excellent remedy to include in a weekly diet. For centuries, bone broth has been used for the convalescence of those with moderate to severe illness or bodily injury to expedite the process of healing at a cellular level. Bone Broth has been getting more and more attention with recent dietary protocols and collagen supplementation for many health benefits but none of these concepts are new. The ancient Chinese relied on bone broth as a primary form of treatment blended with various herbal plant medicines to have an even more focused effect.

Making your own bone broth is easy and more potent than any store-bought broths subject to many processes that denature and remove the healthy fats and collagen that freshly brewed bone broth has to offer. Here is a basic recipe with some additional herbal inclusions as options to enhance immune and anti-inflammatory properties.

**Faiz Healing highly recommends organic bone marrow sources only when preparing this remedy to safeguard from any chemical or hormone pollutants that may have undesirable effects on the body when consumed.

Chicken Bone Broth Recipe

1 Left over Whole Chicken carcass

12 Cups Water in 6qt Cookpot

1-2Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar or ½ Lemon

Salt to Taste

Boil 10-12 hours or until broth is reduced by ½ to 1/3. Strain and use or store. (Can be frozen up to 2 months)

Beef Bone Marrow Broth Recipe

4lbs Beef Marrow bones

12 Cups Water in 6qt Cookpot

3-4 Cloves garlic minced

Salt and Pepper to Taste

Boil 10-12 hours or until broth is reduced by ½ to 1/3. Strain and use or store. (Can be frozen up to 2 months)

Immune Enhancement Herbal Additions:

4 Cloves Garlic

6 Slices Fresh Ginger Root

4g Astragalus Root

1/3 Cup Fresh chopped Basil

Anti-inflammatory Herbal Additions

1Tbsp Turmeric Powder

1Tsp Black Pepper (ground)

3 Slices Fresh Ginger Root

½ Tsp Cumin Powder

2 Tbsp Oregano (dried) or 1 Tbsp Fresh/chopped leaves

Herbal Additions should be added in the last hour of cooking to ensure viability of nutrients for effect. Reduce the heat to simmer for these additions.

You can add any other vegetables, meats, or preferred spices to the base recipes to make full soups or just drink the broth.

Recommendation for Power Boost: 1 cup per day for 2-3 weeks.

Recommendation for Elemental Management: 1-2 cups 3-4x a week for the

winter season.

#2 Immune Superstars for the Household Medicine Cabinet

B-Vitamin Complex: Powerful nutrients for multilevel organ system function, liver detoxification, vascular health, digestion, and immune protection

(Food sources also include Beef, Nuts, Whole Grains, Sunflower Seeds, Almonds, Dark Leafy Greens)

Selenium: Powerful trace mineral for healthy bone, skin, hair, and nails and Immune Protection.

(Food sources also include Chia Seed, Whole Grains, Shellfish, Eggs)

Astragalus: Restorative herb to boost white blood cells for immune protection, support adrenal function and activate brain cells for concentration and tasking.

Reishi Mushroom: Immune enhancer, cellular energy restorative, digestive

ElderBerry Cough Syrup or Tincture: Antiviral immune protection, soothing and tonifying to the respiratory system, helps resolve congestion. Great for kids!

Self-Care at Home:

Self massage is a great way to engage the mind and body to work together and release the stagnation from repetitive activities or sedentary lifestyles. There are many tools one can buy for pain relief at home but one of the most simple and inexpensive ones is a set of tennis balls! Tennis balls are great as compression tools and focused muscle release, especially when incorporated with the right body positions and stretches. Check out these links for brief videos on 4 common pain patterns you can release with tennis ball therapy.

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