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The Phoenix Teachings Newsletter

Spring 2023

I am excited to announce that my long awaited elemental poetry and art book publication is now available for purchase!

The Seasons of Witnessing Collection brings art and poetry together for your mind to observe and wander through in moments of curiosity or the call for relaxation. Embrace the pleasure of nature and poetry to awaken the senses. Discover songs of spring that initiate your curiosity and the heart of summer that enlivens your passion within. Find the seeds of autumn that nourish and the whispers of winter

that restore inspiration.

"As an artist and poetic philosopher I seek to reveal and define the sensational and cathartic discoveries in the soul of nature and the dance of spirit embodied. Words carry intention like mantras for healing and acknowledgments of this phenomenal world. My poetry invites the reader to connect, engage, and harness the alchemy in their own


Interested in Kindle EBooks?

The Seasons of Witnessing Collection is also available in 4 seasonal 10 poem explorations

Books Published in Spring 2022

"Why Birds Sing at Dawn: Embracing Death and Change as Transformation", a memoir focused on grief, loss, and philosophy of life and death.

"The Weighted Feather: Essays for Alchemical Living and Empowering Mindfulness", a collection of conceptual topics supporting skills for life and the experience of fulfillment.

Check out the Book Store for more info and purchase! Happy Spring Everyone! Soak up the radiant gifts nature has to offer!

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