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The Phoenix Teachings Newsletter

Spring 2024

Greetings from Faiz Healing!

Within the Phoenix Teachings Newsletter you will find our seasonal reflections and offerings for how to align with healthy choices and create support for self-care

in the body, heart, and mind.

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Light Therapy & Medicinal Effects


Thinking about trying LED or Infrared Light Therapy?

Explorations into light therapy have persisted for thousands of years. From the initial reverence for bathing in the sun and moon and the inspiration of rainbows or spectral rays in the sky to the scientific knowledge of how humans, animals, and plants need light for growth, the healing of many ailments is understood to be augmented by specific wavelengths of light in order to promote cellular energy and metabolism.


            The discovery of infrared light waves that produce heat by Sir William Herschel in 1800 opened the door to scientific innovation of many healing instruments for application to wound healing and pain relief through the improvement of blood circulation. Blood circulation is the primary mechanism that enables to body to nourish and heal itself. Our blood contains the immune cells that activate cleansing of harmful pathogens, the elimination of dead tissue, the soothing of shock and pain receptor awareness through oxygenation and endorphins, and the reconstruction of new tissue to replace what was damaged or lost. Infrared lamps, saunas, lasers, and blankets have all been created with the intent to upregulate these processes in the body for overall health and promoted for treatment of almost all ailments. These devices harness the innate body wisdom and its response to these long penetrating wavelengths in the light spectrum.


            There are three types of infrared light with varying effects on the body. Near-Infrared is closest to the visible light spectrum and is absorbed by the skin at a shallow depth. This is commonly used in skin rejuvenation, circulatory conditions, and expedited surface wound healing. Mid-Infrared penetrates deeper than the skin to the muscles and joints and promotes anti-inflammatory processes to repair tissue, reduce swelling, and increase mobility. Far-Infrared most deeply penetrates into the body to stimulate overall detoxification which activates and improves immune function, blood circulation and oxygenation, as well as other less defined cellular regulation functions that support healing and wellness in the body systems. It is essential that proper infrared treatment be applied for differing conditions. Duration of each exposure, the intensity of the wavelength, and where or how it is applied changes the outcomes for treatment and intent of use which includes aesthetics, athletic performance enhancement, chronic disease management, wound healing, and overall wellness. An excessive degree of exposure may cause short-term discomfort with increased swelling, redness, tissue sensitivity, heat sensations, and more intense detox responses. As with all light therapy and especially infrared, protection of the eyes must be maintained.


            The movement toward LED red light therapy is not comparable to infrared. LED’s do not produce the wavelength required for thermal response at the same degree of true infrared bulbs. The influx of LED light therapy tools should be differentiated in their capacity for medicinal effects. Although, wavelengths of the light spectrum all have a healing capacity to influence the cells, the light wavelength must be true to its frequency and not just the appearance of the color. Blue or Violet Light Therapy is another long held medicinal treatment for killing pathogens, improving immune response, and Seasonal Associated Disorder (SAD), which is related to the UV Light decrease in Winter and Vit. D intracellular transformation that is correlated through many studies to increased depression, fatigue, and overall energy and mood changes, which also cause a decrease in immune resilience. Blue/Violet Light Therapy must contain the UV light frequency to achieve the best effect.


Being in the sun with direct skin exposure for 15-30 min a day will always be the most efficient way to increase Vit D transformation, regardless of the tools we make for artificial indoor use. Humans are animals. Our connection to the earth, the sun, and all other galactic light frequencies provides the innate influence to our cells that promotes growth, healing, and wellness. Local treatments of infrared and UV therapies to increase intensity when this is not enough is a great way to activate and regulate your body’s natural functions when out of balance, if applied with these proven understandings of light effects.


The concepts of color shades within the spectrum and their influence on the brain that may affect function through hierarchical dominance is another conversation. This article is not intending to disprove LED Therapy or minimize other light frequency effects. The intention is to differentiate them for use and their intensity of influence on the biologic healing mechanisms understood and broadly embraced at this time in the scientific and medical community.

Eclipse Energies of Spring


During this Spring unfolding we find ourselves in a potent eclipse cycle! Eclipses have long been portrayed and believed to bring omens of darkness and light. We as humans are sensitive to these grand events that reveal the magic of connection in the universe and the earth as a part of it. Many internal responses occur with the change of seasons and eclipses have their own influence in the perception of change within larger seasons of celestial cycles in the macrocosm as well as one’s personal life in the microcosm. May you embrace your senses and deepen authenticity each day of your life and perhaps, even more poignantly during these Spring Eclipse energies.


A Healing Mantra for Sacred Connection



“I honor the wisdom of my own heart.

I am receptive to the truth of others

and maintain healthy objectivity

for the protection of my own core values.


The well within me only deepens

when I choose integrity as a mirror

with myself and others.


I embrace the path of knowing

and sharing from my Authentic voice

to create sacred connection

in the journey of life.”



Publication Announcement!!


My new books will be on sale April 22, 2024!


Interested in expanding your exploration of personal philosophy and the authentic self?

Vol. 2 of “The Weighted Feather: Essays for Empowering Mindfulness & Alchemical Living”

and the exciting Companion Journal “The Weighted Feather: Personal Journey Workbook” are a great adjunct to your inner contemplation and querying of self in your life story.

In this second volume of contemplative essays, Julie Hightman continues to unveil layers of awareness in the design of self-identity. She expands her exploration of how the context and foundation of our behaviors, thoughts, and emotions affect the life we create and one’s perceptions of experiential outcomes. The many paths of life one walks unveil opportunities for alchemical healing and re-alignment to the soul’s initiative for harmony and fulfillment. Each essay offers tools for empowering reflection, application, and the cultivation of intention that inspires one to practice integrity, while honoring their personal journey for reconnection with the Authentic Self. Many passages within are a supportive guide and reminder that life is a practice and that fulfillment is found in the creative potency of free will through the expansion of mindfulness and holistic embodiment.

Within this personal journey workbook there are over 400 questions and creative exercises to explore one’s awareness of their own identity and cultivate witnessing in the context of their thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and outcomes that reveal patterns in their life story. This work book is the alchemical journey to refining one’s perceptions and embracing skills to shift patterns and their outcomes with intention through self-awareness in order to open the door and cross the threshold to a higher wisdom within. Through intention we heal. Through healing we thrive. When we thrive we restore the well of inspiration and fulfillment in this human experience.

Recent Reviews:

“The Weighted Feather helped illuminate and explain several core modes of being for me. Connecting those dots in the mind that are critical when navigating through life’s turbulence. This book of ancient wisdom and philosophical ideas is written and presented in a fresh and thoughtful way for a deeply resonating affect in our modern world.”

                                                                        -Millennial Father of Four, Seeker of Mindfulness


“An exploratory deep dive of human relations and the interplay of being. A perfect contemplation for the scholar, academic, philosopher, or cerebral enthusiast. This collection of essays and mantras aid in the comprehension of the human psyche in the context of shared experience and the internalized perceptions within self for the purpose of improved awareness leading to the transmutation of emotional dysregulation towards mindful and healthier relationships.”

                                                                        -Dr. Autumn Edwards, DAcCHM, LAc, Clairvoyant


Upcoming Event Details!


Family Constellation Group Healing

A 2-3 hour experience focused on healing patterns of conflict and trauma affecting one’s current life story. In this group facilitation attendees will represent concepts or roles in one’s experience and/or family system to reveal visual and somatic relationship dynamics that have imprinted one’ s perceptions of self and how they operate in life as supportive or detrimental factors to the endeavor for holistic fulfillment. This is a very powerful group experience that resonates in the emotional and spiritual body and ripples out into the lives of those who attend even if they do not have their own issue/conflict directly represented. The experience of group healing is profound in its ability to remind us all of the connection we share as humankind. Note: If you would like to come and be a witness or do not want to represent for another you are still welcome in the circle.  


$40-$60 Donation is recommended. Time: 2pm-5pm


Upcoming Dates: 4/14/24


Please Register and Pay in Advance!

Contact Jewls via  or 503-936-0036



Sunday Healing Circle

A 1 hour experience focused on deepening our connection to self and cultivating tools for stress management. Topics and Exercises will be a flow of discussion, expanding self-awareness in the body, heart, and mind, as well as balancing the experience of the self with others and the collective.

$15 to attend. Time: 11:30am-12:30pm


Upcoming Dates 5/05/2024:

Learning about Energy Exchange and Cultivating Intention and Neutrality.

Building, Empowering, and Attuning the Energy Body through Qi Gong, Yoga, Pranayama Breathing, and Spiritual Freedom Tapping Techniques

Please Register and Pay in Advance!




Infant Massage Classes, Self-Care Classes, &

Emotional Intelligence Workshop Series

Coming in Autumn 2024!

For 20 years, Faiz Healing has offered a diverse form of healing and personal growth by creating a sanctuary for patients to focus inwardly on their body, mind, and spirit. Chinese Medicine, Therapeutic bodywork, and Spiritual counseling provide an invitation to relax and let go of the outside world and/or to work through deeper patterns of restraint held within. I am excited to announce that I am now offering monthly Healing Circles, Self-care Classes, and Family Constellation Group Healing Workshops!


STAY TUNED to the Phoenix Teachings Newsletter and Faiz Healing Facebook page for Event Dates and future offerings if you would like to experience the benefit of these opportunities to transform and learn more about your authentic self. 

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