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Meditation for Graceful Acceptance

Take a deep breath in-

Centering your awareness behind your eyes. Feel the warmth of blood flowing through your skin, through your mind, and through your limbs. Letting the tide of your breath be even, slow, and deep.

Imagine your body surrounded by a soft white light- reflecting in the pores of your flesh like crystals shimmering in the light of the sun. Feel the sanctuary in this moment to look inward and be one with all the parts of self. Let stillness fill you- releasing any thoughts or judgments that burden the mind and heart.

Take a deep breath in- exhale fully- pushing the breath until your belly slightly contracts and inhale again

Filling your belly to a point of comfort. Sense the weightlessness of your physical vessel hovering just above the earth as you sit or lay in this sanctuary of self- exhaling any resistance, fears, confusion, grief, or dissonance--- and inhaling the sweetness of vitality and nourishment your spirit requires in this moment.

Repeat the affirmation three times:

“I release that which no longer serves me. I honor the wisdom of this experience with graceful acceptance. I open my heart to listen to my authentic self. Beyond judgment, fear, and resistance I move forward on the path of passionate existence.”

Inhale deeply—and exhale fully—for 5 breaths

Let the image of your elder self come into view. See the quiet smile and radiant warmth in your face and posture. Your elder self has a message for you. Listen without expectation to the message that will support you most during this time.

Take a deep breath and slowly open your eyes to a soft gaze. Know that you can carry this message with you and return to this space when called.

As you get up from this meditation, lightly shake your limbs- bending your knees, rotating your wrists, ankles, and neck from side to side. Deepening your awareness into the earth beneath your feet and grounding in with the hands as well before moving forward on your path in this time and space.

Meditations by Julie Hightman

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