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Aligning with Gratitude for your Earthen Body Meditation

For the following meditation find a comfortable position and settle in with 5 deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling, each to a count of 5 in duration.

Then turn your focus inward to the center of you body, the core of your essence where all the sacred organs are contained and protected. Take a moment to feel the warm rhythms of vitality and function. Inspiring-Digesting-Absorbing-Assimilating-Directing-Cleansing-and Eliminating. Sorting all that does and does not serve you. Consider the wonder for all these working systems communicating together to fortify your liveliness and embodiment.

--------Thank your organs for taking care of this body and sustaining your capacity to experience the world around you.--------

Let your attention drift to your limbs, feeling the tone of your muscles and joints bestowing mobility and the opportunity to move in and out of experiences- to give and to receive- to touch, grasp, and stabilize when you feel unsteady. See the energetic awareness of your limbs in tune with the extensions of your mind, seeking to embrace and attain. Consider all they have helped you to accomplish in your life.

---Thank your limbs for all the work they do and for all that you give and receive with them. --

See the flow of your blood, lymph. And light moving through the vessels and tissues of your body as a whole now. Gazing as a witness on the beauty of this form and feeling- The ambience of gratitude-circulating and brightening within and around you.

Follow the line of your eyebrows- nose- cheekbones- jawline- and lips.

Follow the ridge of your collarbone from shoulder to shoulder and outline the borders and boundaries of your physical form from there.

Acknowledge the sacredness of this form in all it offers you, feeling your feet stable and grounded on the earth- your heart open with love and compassion- your mind enlightened by the sun in all its vitality. Breathe in the inspiration of creation. Breathe out gratitude and acceptance.

Continue to breathe in and out for 5 full breaths. Feeling them enter through the crown of the head and move through you to the tips of your fingers and toes.

When you are ready slightly open your eyes and wiggle your fingers and toes. Move and stretch your limbs and lightly massage your belly with sweeping clockwise motions from the right to left side of your torso. Massage your face and scalp- finishing with 3 taps lightly over the heart or sternum.

Guided Meditations by Julie Hightman

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