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Community Acupuncture Clinic

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"I went to a few sessions of the community acupuncture that helped me so much that I am still wanting to leave a review over a year after going..
I was having sporadic and late periods from hormone disruption and Julie focused on abdominal acupuncture along with some other points that overtime seemed to bring my hormones to a regular level and my cycle has been normalized ever since. There was a powerful et calm energy in the space and I highly recommend going. Thank you so much."                                                                -Laura C 

Group Acupuncture has been shown to help a larger diversity of patients with health concerns ranging from mental/emotional stress, common cold, and headaches to neck and shoulder tension, acute or chronic pain. Healing in a group setting empowers the intent to heal with the supportive presence of others.

Faiz Healing is devoted to serving the community with compassion and effectiveness. That is why Community Acupuncture has been formalized and is a growing form of treatment. Group Acupuncture invites patients who are new to Acupuncture or have ailments that require long term treatment. The intent of Group Acupuncture is to maintain consistency and affordability, in order to embrace restoration and unity for individuals and community.

Since 1974, the National Acupuncture Detox Association (NADA) began bringing acupuncture to communities in need. By 1985 NADA had become the model for community acupuncture clinics today. The NADA protocol is being applied in V.A. clinics and Centers for Drug Addiction. It is also used domestically and abroad, in Disaster Relief situations and in regions where healthcare availability is minimal. Organization such as Acupuncturists Without Borders (AWB) and Acupuncture Relief Project (ARP) are grass roots organizations operating non-profit missions to bring healthcare and trauma relief to those in need. Please visit their websites listed in our affiliate section for donation, if you wish to support this cause.

I am happy to report that Acupuncture’s effectiveness at the disaster relief level for trauma and recovery care is being accepted and upheld to the degree that FEMA and local Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) are now allowing Acupuncturists to train and be on staff in preparation for domestic disasters. In 2014, I enlisted with Clackamas County MRC and have been training with other First Responders to be in the field should the need arise.

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