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Let the Healing Arts embrace you as the
Ocean embraces the Earth.

Holistic Therapy

Faiz Healing offers well rounded healthcare to serve patient needs. Specializing in Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, CranialSacral Therapy, Rehabilitative Massage, Functional Neurology, Reiki, and Yoga, patient care is the number one priority. If the therapies offered are unable to treat your concerns a referral will be given to someone who specializes in areas of need. 

Health Consultation

Often times the best way to meet wellness goals and restore the bodies innate balance requires a multi-level approach to care. This involves a complementary medicine treatment plan that will be outlined for you through your initial treatment consultations. Every treatment plan is unique and may include a combination of modalities the practitioner is trained to offer. 

Beyond Healing


Qi Gong, Meridian Stretches, Yoga, Meditation, and Mind-Body Awareness are all tools and offerings we can give ourselves, in order to shift our perceptions around ailments or life stress and re-attain harmony. Take home plans of care are essential to sustain progress and strengthen one's reserves for the qualitative endurance of life. Don’t put your health at the bottom of your priorities! When you are at your best, Life is at its best!

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